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Vermont Honorary Members Celebrate




Brother Johann "Jim" Nortz of the Valley of Brattleboro (red suspenders) enjoys a treat with other Honorary Members of the Supreme Council at a picnic held in his honor at the home of Active member Donald Duquette. Jim will be journeying to Cleveland at the end of August to receive the degree as Vermont's newest 33rd degree recipient. 


Also pictured are (left foreground) Richard Hildebrand, past Deputy of our State, behind him John (Jack) Campbell, past Grand Master of VT, and Robert Powlus secretary emeritus of the VT Council of Deliberation.



New Education Fund for VT Scottish Rite


In order to aid our members, their children and grandchildren with funding for education the VT Council of Deliberation working with all the Valleys of Vermont has set up a new scholarship fund called the Scottish Rite Education Fund. It is another way that members can help members directly. 100% of funds donated for this go directly to Vermont members or to their children or grandchildren. Rather than large grants, there is a $500.00 limit on the amount given, with the intention of helping a number of students each year.


Click to download an application for this fund:




Report of the Nominating Committee

To the 2012 Council of Deliberation now in session:

After careful deliberation and conference with those Brothers whose name we herein recommend to office, the committee proposes the following slate of officers to

serve this Council for the 2014-15 year:


Commander in Chief Ill: Eric Ginette, 33o

Commander in Chief Emeritus Ill: Richard E. Hildebrand, 33o

Commander in Chief Emeritus Ill: Frederick E. Jackson, 33o

1st Lt Commander: Ill Donald Duquette, 33o

2nd Lt Commander: Ill.Bro.Stephen Engel, 33o

Minister of State: Ill. Bro William Karstens IV, 33o

Chancellor: A. Stephen Farrington, 32 o MSA

Prior Ill: Bro: Bro. Robert L. Fagge II, 32o

Treasurer:Ill Thomas Johnston IV, 33o

Secretary: Ill. Bro. William G. Basso II, MSA, 33o

Secretary Emeritus: Ill Bro.Robert A Powlus, 33o

Master of Ceremonies: Bro. Richard K. Backus, MSA, 32o

Hospitaler Bro : C. Lee Martenson, , 32o MSA

Seneschal Bro. : Bro. Heath Kurra, 32o

Standard Bearer Brent Adams,32˚

 Guard: Bro. Graham Trudo,MSA 32˚

Sentinel :Ill. Bro Brian Chaffee 33


Fraternally Submitted by the Committee:

Ill. Donald G. Duquette, 33o, Chairman

Ill. Paul H White, MSA, 33o

Ill. Bro Thomas Johnston , 33o







VT COD Committees for 2014-15



Scottish Rite Scholarships

 Illus. William Karstens IV, 33; Illus. Frederick E. Jackson, 33˚;  ILL Frederick J. Rayfield, MSA, 33˚; Deputy and Active of State.


All-Valley Reunions

Illus. Frederick J. Rayfield, 33°, MSA; Illus. William Karstens IV, 33; Illus. William Basso II, 33, MSA; A. Stephen Farrington, 32, MSA.



Finance Committee:

Illus. Thomas Johnston IV, 33˚; Bro. William Basso II, 32˚; Illus. Eric Ginette, 33; Illus. Donald G. Duquette, 33˚


Meritorious Service Awards:

Bro. Stephen Farrington, 32,MSA; Bro. Richard K. Backus, 32, MSA; ILL Earl J. Washburn, MSA, 33˚;  Illus. Paul H. White, MSA, 33˚.



Illus. Ronald Place, 33˚MSA; Illus.Frederick E. Jackson, 33˚ ; Illus. Joseph Jacobs, 33˚.



Illus. Donald G. Duquette, 33˚; Illus. Paul H. White, MSA, 33˚;

 Illus. Thomas Johnston IV, 33˚.






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