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Vermont's 2013-14 Degree Reunions


 Again this year all the Valleys of Vermont will be holding joint degree work in four special Reunions. These will be large gatherings featuring multiple degrees. The schedule for these is:



  First Reunion

     September 21, 2013          Barre Masonic Temple 11AM opening

                                                  8 Intendant of the Building- live theater in the round degree

                                                  Noon Lunch

                                                  6 Master of the Brazen Serpent- a blu-ray video presentation


Second Reunion

   November 2, 2013            Valley of Southern Vermont hosting

                                                 Held at the Brattleboro Shrine Club


                                                13 Master of the Ninth Arch

                                                Noon Lunch

                                                19 Brothers of the Trail


   Third Reunion

   March 15, 2014                Valley of Rutland hosting

                                               Opening: 11AM

                                               Held at St. Paul's Lodge #25 in Brandon                                

                                              22 choral version of Prince of Libanus

                                               Noon Lunch

                                              26 Friend and Brother Eternal (with period music)


Fourth Reunion

  April 26, 2014                Valley of Burlington hosting

                                            Held at the Green Mountain Masonic Center

                                            Opening: 10AM 

                                            20 Master Ad Vitam (Benedict Arnold degree)

                                            Noon Lunch

                                            32 Prince of the Royal Secret



List of Degrees and their Core Values: Click Here



Other Masonic Bodies

As a service to our Brothers and to the other Masonic bodies in our jurisdiction we are making available different petitions for these bodies. It is highly recommended that you consider there other bodies if you plan to continue your Masonic education.


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