Moving Toward Our Successful Future Emphasizing

     Inspiration, Convenience and Enjoyment (ICE)


We can achieve this by always focusing on Vermont's Mission:

To make Vermont Scottish Rite an organization men are proud to be part of and that answers their needs for inspiration, fellowship and personal growth.





A message from the Commander:


Dear Scottish Rite Brethren:

As an integral part of the Masonic fabric, our Scottish Rite continually strives to excel as a dynamic, relevant, and progressive fraternal organization; one that can be important in the everyday lives of its members, their families and communities. We also want to be creative and always forward-looking. As such, our planning for the future is fundamentally about transformation.

Although our Supreme Council has had a strategic plan for many years, the Strategic Planning Committee has developed a new focus and plan for our future. The new plan looks and feels much different than former plans because its focus areas fully embrace what we call a  “hedgehog concept.”  This new concept is a way that we can transform Scottish Rite from being a “good” fraternity into the “great” fraternity we have always envisioned.

Jim Collins, who wrote the bestseller Good to Great, suggests that organizations, whether business or fraternal, which have successfully transformed themselves from “good to great”, have developed a simple concept that allows its leaders, members and staff, to focus on what is essential for survival and dynamic growth. Collins refers to this as a hedgehog concept.

For several months, our Supreme Council leadership has been discussing the question, “What is the Hedgehog Concept for our Scottish Rite?”  We believe that dynamic growth of our Scottish Rite depends upon transforming our fraternal organization into one that builds upon three fundamental themes: inspiration, convenience, and enjoyment (I.C.E.). Success of the I. C. E. transformation will be measured by how much inspiration, convenience, and enjoyment we can consistently bring to our membership.

The formal adoption of this “Moving Toward Our Successful Future” plan by the Active Membership on August 21, 2009, is a tribute to the hard work, wisdom and insights of the Strategic Planning Committee and many individuals throughout our entire Jurisdiction who participated in the development of the mission statement, and the hedgehog concept. The plan can now be distributed to the Valleys for immediate implementation at every level of our organization.

I believe that we are on the right track to transform our beloved Scottish Rite fraternity from good to great. Together we will accomplish the task so clearly set before us.







                                                    Ill\ John William McNaughton, 33

                                                                     Sovereign Grand Commander








Our Vision











   To be a dynamic and relevant fraternal organization that provides convenient opportunities for Master Masons to use their talents and skills to enhance and enrich the lives of its members, their families and their communities.


   To provide enjoyable programs and fellowship activities that inspire its members to higher standards of moral and ethical conduct.


   To demonstrate to the world our reverence for the Supreme Being, our love of country, and our belief in the Brotherhood of Man.