“What is serving God? ‘tis being good to man”
-                                                                                     Benjamin Franklin

The measure of each of us is how we have improved the world by having been alive. Sometimes we are fortunate in what we have given others over our lives. Sometimes we wait and allow our generosity to extend beyond our lives.

The Cornerstone Society

Many of the best known and most important programs initiated through Scottish Rite Charities were made possible through testamentary gifts. The Abbott Scholarships, the National Heritage Museum and the 32 Masonic Learning Centers for Children were supported in whole or in part because people who cared left provisions for Scottish Rite Charities in their wills.
Just as bequests have been the foundation of many of our good works, so too can your intention become the cornerstone of our future. The Cornerstone Society recognizes the commitment of those who have made provisions to support Scottish Rite Charities by including the Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation in their wills or by naming the Fund as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or retirement account.


Joining is Easy


Alter including Scottish Rite Charities in your estate plans simply complete and mail the enrollment form below (address is on the form). Shortly you will receive a welcome gift to symbolize your role as a “cornerstone” of the ongoing good work of Scottish Rite Charities.


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Enrollment Form


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A Symbol of Our Respect

We have commissioned a special cornerstone paperweight in recognition of your commitment to Scottish Rite Charities. Please display it proudly. Your legacy can last forever when you join the Scottish Rite Charities Cornerstone Society.


General Guidelines to Help in Planning

When making a Gift, care should be taken to use the correct designation in making the Gift. We have put together several documents outlining the correct designations to use for each Charity.


for the

32 Masonic Learning Center

for the

Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

for the

Benevolent Foundation of the Trustees AASR

for the

Education and Charity Fund of the Trustees AASR


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If you have ANY questions, need help or direction in completing your Gift, Please contact us.


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